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E.D.I Energy Group initiates, operates and owns renewable energy systems in Israel and in the US

E.D.I Energy is a privately owned entrepreneurial company, operating mainly in Israel and the USA and initiating renewable energy projects


 The company leads and has high capabilities in initiation, licensing planning, financing, construction, operation and long-term maintenance of solar systems facilities

Combining these capabilities allows almost any project to be promoted throughout the value chain while meeting uncompromising standards

 E.D.I Energy is working on expanding the pool of assets and aims to be a significant player in the supply of electricity from renewable energy

The company's activities include solar projects on commercial roofs, water reservoirs, greenhouses, parking lot roofs and sports fields, and solar projects that combine storage

 The company's main activity is in the agricultural sector and the industrial sector

  The companies value offer can vary from renting the roof space to selling electricity at a discounted price to the consumer


Floating Systems


Industrial sector


Agricultural Sector


Solar Storage




Roof & parking lots

סולארי אי די איי אנרגיה

Control the chine of value 

Our team of experts consists of business development managers, project managers and quality controllers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, architects, and some of the best and most experienced economists in the industry who work in cooperation with professional bodies in Israel and around the world, and are committed to the highest standard and quality of execution


Monitoring, control and maintenance

After connecting the system to the electricity grid our service department accompanies the customers with receiving their monthly rent for the next 25 years. The monitoring and control engineers handle malfunctions and maintain the system over the years to a strict standard


EPC construction and operation

Our company's experienced project managers manage every project from the engineering planning stage through the adjustments required for the roofs according to strict constructor specifications, and up to the connection of the solar system to the national electricity grid. 
Our qualified team of engineers lead the project to meet our company's high standard


Regulation and building permits

The licensing and regulatory staff of our company work in daily contact with the regulator and the various authorities in order to promote the project and successfully pass it through the regulatory gates

As part of the work we carry out the regulation of buildings (agricultural and industrial), planning and permits for new buildings, and restoration of historical building permits in favor of solar systems

Recent Projects

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תהליך הקמת מערכת סולארית

תהליך הקמת מערכת סולארית

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