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Roofing and parking lots

E.D.I Energy was the first company to build a rooftop over a double sports field in the State of Israel. Since then, the company has been working on a large number of roofings at various stages and will build dozens of roofings in different locations across the country. Roofing a sports field allows the client to have an option to play in the extreme winter and summer times, and even allows it to rent the space to a 3rd party for sports activities.

E.D.I Energy donated several skateparks and even renovated the community gathering hall as a contribution to the local community.

Besides sports fields, the company also build solar carpools.

E.D.I Energy will cover the entire investment, starting from the required building permits through the import and construction of the roofing, to the construction and connection of the solar system and the ongoing operation for the next 25 years

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